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  • We put stress
    to rest.™

  • Premium natural ingredients in a 2oz liquid shot,
    delivered directly to your doorstep.

We put stress
to rest.™

Premium natural ingredients in a 2oz liquid shot,
delivered directly to your doorstep.
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What's In it?

4 simple ingredients.

Helps calm the brain, heart and lungs.

Reduces inflammation.
Elevates serotonin and dopamine levels.
Lemon Balm Extract
Promotes memory and learning.

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Through extensive testing

Formulated by
actual doctors.

iCalm was developed by an Internal Medicine Physician and Ph.D. with shared passions for providing effective natural stress relief in a world of overused and unhealthy medications. After years of development, they are confident iCalm will put your stress to rest.

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From Actual Customers


Monika R - 34

This anti-anxiety drink saved my life ! I had two weddings back to back and at the end of the weekend was getting major Sunday scaries. I had one of these and poof the anxiety went away. Really magical stuff.

Casey B - 28

I liked the taste, it was light and fresh. I felt a calming effect within the first 20 mins of ingestion. FYI I ingested this product before consuming any food or liquid...

Jen P - 59

Nice taste.. seemed to work quickly

Guliano C - 26

Perfectly wound down

Drew R - 24

It tasted good. I would honestly drink it again for the taste alone. With that said, I did happen to be stressed by some work issues the day I first tried this and it had a noticeable effect on improving my mood.

Zachary L - 26

I felt alert and calm. I didn’t feel drowsy or dulled like other anxiety supplements can make.

Sean S - 28

Product tasted good. I would drink it again for taste alone.... it had a noticeable effect on improving my mood.

Emily S - 28

After drinking iCalm my anxiety noticeably began to subside making me feel more at ease and calm without making me feel drowsy like other products.

Nicole H - 25

It helped me clear my racing thoughts and gave me calmness. I realized later on how relaxed I was!

Carole D - 56

I felt at ease after taking iCalm.

Ciaran W - 28

I took iCalm on a high-volume work day and felt a difference in my mental state, sharp in mind but calm in body. I would take during the day and in evening for maximum Zen.

Rachel O - 27

I felt it kick in pretty quickly!

Miguel M - 24

The product worked! As a Ph.D. candidate and self-proclaimed biohacker, I am always looking for stress-reducing products that allow me to stay focused on my work by reducing anxious thoughts. After taking iCalm I felt the perfect amount of calm that allowed me to stay awake and efficiently complete the tasks at hand. Highly recommend!

Melissa C - 26

I love this product! I took it in the morning and felt very relaxed all day but still alert enough to do my day-to-day activities. I would recommend it to anyone looking to feel a little more relaxed.

Billy R - 30

I've taken iCalm whenever I start to feel anxious. iCalm is fast-acting and gives me an immediate sense of peace and tranquility. It has been such a huge help in dealing with my anxiety and has been very helpful whenever I feel a little off.