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Our Mission

At iCalm, we pride ourselves on our heavily studied, pure, and all-natural product designed to create an anxiolytic effect without all the negative side-effects. We all have our fears, stresses, and concerns as we move through an uncertain world – and our goal is to help give you a tool to combat unwanted stress naturally! Let’s take on your anxiety and help you live your best life, one shot at a time because, let’s face it, you’re not you when you’re stressed!


Dr. Terence Cullen, D.O. - Founder & CEO

Dr. Cullen is an internal medicine physician who is passionate about mental health and wellness. While working through the COVID-19 pandemic, he got tired of prescribing Xanax and various benzodiazepines to a stressed-out population. He subsequently decided to invest in mental wellness and the people that he is passionate about taking care of. Through a strenuous research and development process, working in conjunction with scientists and his bright Ph.D. partner Dr. Panzner, the product iCalm was developed. It is a product that Dr. Cullen not only believes in but uses himself. It leads to a series of future mental wellness products designed to help people live their best lives in the most natural way possible.

Laura Edgmond - CMO

Laura defines and executes customer lifecycle marketing and growth strategies for iCalm's core business and products to drive brand awareness and affinity while continuing to expand our B2C and B2B sales. With a passion for branding and digital marketing, Laura continues to build on her years of education and experience as she pursues an MBA from the University of Iowa.