Stress in America is Rising, Let’s Tackle it the Natural Way

Stress in America is Rising, Let’s Tackle it the Natural Way

The American way of life involves so much stress that it can exacerbate physical and mental health issues if we let it build up. Therefore, effectively tackling stress is crucial to our longevity and pursuit of overall balance. Combating stress can sometimes be as easy as writing a list to tackle activities, meditating, or working out to reset the mind. However, sometimes, stress can be stubborn and persistent, requiring an even more hands-on approach. 

Ways to Combat Stress

As mentioned above, there are many ways an individual might be able to tackle stress in their life. Sometimes prescription medication is unavoidable, but a great way to tackle stress naturally is through physical movement and exercise. Other ways are eating nutritious food, getting more sleep, spending time with friends and family or avoiding alcohol. Unfortunately, sometimes these methods aren't enough, which is where the invention of iCalm came from. 


How iCalm was formulated


Stress increases inflammation which provokes further anxiety. Dr. Cullen experienced this cascade of events firsthand when he worked in the ICU during the peak of COVID-19. Countless tragedies and relentless suffering eventually got to him, and he searched for a remedy to help battle back. It was in his kitchen where iCalm, an all-natural anti-anxiety 2oz. drink was born. Through countless trials and test run experimentation on himself, iCalm was developed. It is the first of its kind that incorporates synergistic all-natural ingredients that help prevent inflammation and anxiety. Ultimately, iCalm is all about helping you naturally reduce stress, improve focus, and support healthy brain function. One significant component of iCalm is GABA. GABA is known for producing a calming effect. In addition, it's thought to play a significant role in controlling nerve cell hyperactivity associated with anxiety, stress, and fear. It has been shown that those with depression and anxiety are often deficient in GABA, a natural amino acid. 


"We designed iCalm so that you wouldn't need to drink a bottle per hour to maintain your zen state," Dr. Cullen said. Instead, it is a fully functional grab-and-go shot that acts fast and tastes good. Indeed, in this busy life we all live, it's nice to have a counter-calming drink to the 5-hour energy shot. We are just beginning to scratch the surface of how unchecked stress can affect our mental and physical health. The iCalm shot is a fun, tasty, and exciting tool to address anxiety.

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